The policy is made up of four (4) sections namely:

1. Section 1 – Building

The subject matter of insurance under this section is the building alone. Cover is against the risk of fire, lightning and explosion damage to the building.

2. Section 2 – Contents

Cover is on contents that are exclusively household goods, fixtures, fittings and personal effects belonging to you or any member of your family or servant permanently residing with you.

Insurance is against loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, burglary and theft.

You are required to supply an inventory of the items to be insured indicating the model, serial number and value, which ought to be on market or replacement cost to guide against under-insurance.

Section 3 – All Risks

The intention of this section is to cover your essential valuables such as jewelries, paintings,
articles of precious metals, pictures, works of art against all risks occurring within the Nigerian Territorial Limit. As under section 2, you will need to supply details on a separate sheet as an inventory.

Section 4 – Personal Liability

This section protects the proposer/insured against his legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or damage to property arising from accidents happening while walking, cycling, taking part in other personal domestic or recreational activities or by virtue of your ownership of household pets like dogs or cat. It will take care of Claimant’s cost and expenses incurred with the written consent of the company in defending such third party.

The limit of liability on any one occurrence under this section #100,000.00 free of charge, but can be increased on request with the charging of additional premium.